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Hans Christian Andersen's

Fairy Tales and Stories.

Translated by John Irons

This complete edition from 2022 of all Andersen’s Fairy Tales and Stories seeks to provide a much-needed reliable English translation. It includes several stories beyond the classical 157 tales and preserves many of the nuances and layers for adult readers that have so often been lost in prior translations. This is the first full English edition both available free-of-charge (click for details) and made by a professional translator who is fluent in English as well as in Danish. John Irons has collaborated closely with Jacob Bøggild and Mads Sohl Jessen, two experts from the Hans Christian Andersen Centre at the University of Southern Denmark in Andersen’s home town, Odense.

Click the search icon to the right of the top row in the table below and enter the title of a given tale. View matches in compact rows or elaborate cards. Enjoy the reading!

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